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Hymn For A Missing Girl

i The Hymn
ii For Struggle or Escape
iii Returning A Dead Dog To A Place He Can Finally Rest
iv The Suitor Speaks
v Inextricably Bound
vi To A Place Where The Light Can No Longer Find You

This project was originally inspired by pages 263-128 of Cormac McCarthy’s Cities of The Plain

Produced by Jason Couse & Wes Marskell
Mixed by Tom McFall & Jason Couse
Mastered by Noah Mintz
Engineered by Matt Durante

Hymn For A Missing Girl was written and performed by THE DARCYS
THE DARCYS are Jason Couse, Wes Marskell, David Hurlow & Michael le Riche

Limited Release of 500 LPs

Seriously, just sit and listen to this through headphones. What an amazing experience.

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